Clients of the operator "MegaFon" to disable servicesand can type SMS with the text stop pp or "stop PP", and then send it to short number 5151. To abandon the "Forecastand the weather" is absolutely free. In addition, useful and a service called "Mobile subscriptions". The terms of use and the connection method is easy to learn by clicking on the link
MTS subscriber for the refusal of the "Forecastand the weather" should contact customer service by calling the number 0890 (a call is free) or the salon of the company. There is a second method: enter SMS text message 2 and send it to 4147. All clients are also available USSD-request *111*4751#.
To disable services you can use the service "Internet Assistant". To do this, go to the official website of MTS and click on the tab with the appropriate name. In the field "Number" enter your mobile phone number (in digit format). Next set the password by sending the operator combination *111*25# or by calling 1118. After logging in click "My subscriptions". Thanks to him, you will see a list of active subscriptions and delete those that you no longer need.
Communication operator "Beeline" also provides its subscribers a self-service system. It is located at the address Through it easy to manage services, including Weather. To login to the service please dial on the phone keypad USSD-command *110*9# and press the call button. A few minutes after this you will receive a message with the login and temporary password. Actually, the login will be known to you and without SMS because it is a mobile phone number (it must be entered in ten-digit format).