With the installation of services "the Megaphone" on the mobile phone display with minimal delay will be displayed, any change to the balance (whether a Deposit, the use of the Internet, video calls or send MMS and SMS messages). Thus, the "Live balance" will allow you to control spend money without taking any additional steps. Service connection can be realized by sending SMS messages to the number 000134 text 1. In addition, you can at any time send a USSD-request to *134*1# or call information and referral service 0500. Disable the living balance available on command *134*2#.
This service works both in home network and in roaming. However, not all phones. To check whether your mobile phone this feature, you need the keypad to dial a short USSD-number *134#. If everything is in order, that is, a service supported by the device, then after a while on the display you will see the current balance of your account. To remove the test information from the phone screen, it is recommended to restart the computer. And the connection and disconnection free of charge. Additional fees will be charged to you only if you contact the information and referral service of the Megaphone.
"Live balance" in MTS will allow subscribers to automatically receive relevant information about the account balance after the completion of the outbound call (voice). Information about the account status may be displayed as a text message or through USSD or voice message. In order to manage the service, the operator provides a special section on the official website of the company. Here, you can find there: *500*1# and 500. With the first you can obtain information in the form of USSD messages, and the second will read the balance via a voice message. However, if you do not call to number 500, and will send SMS, then the information will receive also via message. In this case, in the text of the SMS, indicate the letter A. by the Way, you can manage the service through the portal *111# (select option called "Opportunities").