You will need
  • - the mobile phone.
Being a subscriber of MTS, you can send a free sms asking to call back, using the service "Call me back" to the subscriber of any cellular network of Russia. Dial on your phone the following command: "*110*the number of subscriber you send a request to call back #", press the call key. The destination number can be typed in any format. For example, if you want to send a "beacon" for the room: 89281234561, then you send the request should have the following form: "*110*89281234561#". The number that you specify in your request, you will receive a message with the following text: "please Call me". The email will provide your number, time and date of the request". This service has a limit to send not more than five such messages a day.
If after you have sent this message on the screen of your mobile phone appeared garbled characters, probably your device is not supported Russian language. To remedy the situation, try to score one of the following commands: "*111*6*1#" — to switch to Russian language, "*111*6*2#" — to switch the phone on transliteration.
In addition, you can use the service "replenish my account" by sending a request indicating the desired amount to the subscriber of any mobile network of Russia. Dial on your phone the following command: "*116*the number of the person to whom you address the message*amount#" and press the call key. If you do not want to specify a monetary amount, the request would look like this: "*116*phone number#". Subscriber number you can dial in any format. On his phone will receive the following message: "Please Fund me account". If the message indicates a certain amount, the subscriber will be able to go to the direct link available in the "tracker" and use the "Direct transmission". Per day you can send no more than five such messages.