You will need
  • - Internet;
  • - the mobile phone.
The service "weather Forecast from MTS" can be disabled with the help of the Internet. To do this in the search bar of Google or Yandex, enter the word "MTS", then select the first, because it is the official website of the company. For convenience get on the personal area in which you will be able to see in addition to your account balance, the whole package of connected services. In the personal account under the service "weather Forecast" double-click to click "Disable". Weather forecast will be disabled.
If you have no Internet, turn off the weather you can use your cell phone. Dial the key combination *111*4751#, then tap call. After these steps, you will receive a notification that the service "weather Forecast" is disabled.
To deactivate the service, use SMS. The room 4741 send the number "2" (in the message write numbers without quotes). If your phone is in the home region, i.e. in the region where the registered SIM card, the fee for sending the SMS is not charged. After sending a message from the operator MTS will come the answer about disabling the service "weather Forecast". Provided that you are in national or international roaming, SMS message about disabling services will be paid. The cost will depend on the conditions of communication in roaming, according to your tariff plan.
Also to disable such services can directly contact the operator in support of cellular subscribers by calling the number 0890. Call from your cell phone will be free. Follow the instructions mobile consultant, with which you will be able to disable the service "weather Forecast from MTS". After the connection with the help of MTS, click on the keys of the telephone digit "2" then "0". This way you will get in touch with a specialist contact centre. Will notify him about your request, and it will disable the service on your mobile phone.