You will need
  • - phone connected to the MTS;
  • - computer with Internet access.
Complimentary Credit involves a credit settlement method. The size limit in this case is always the same - 300 rubles. This service is automatically activated on some of the MTS. When exhausted the granted amount of limit and also in the non-payment of accounts time mobile phone number is blocked.
By activating the service "In full confidence", can communicate as long as you don't "go negative" on 300 roubles. After six months of use of this service limit may increase to 50% of the total cost of mobile phone. Service "In full confidence" is available on all tariff plans (exception is "Your country", "Class", "Guest", MTS iPad, group tariffs "MTS connect" and corporate rates). To connect to "full trust", you can go to the official website of MTS (see "Internet assistant") by dialing *111*32# or by sending an SMS with the text for 2118 21180 connection or to disconnect service in room 111. The limit will be reduced in the case of non-invoiced by the operator of the account within the specified period. For more information about the size of the debt, the payment time and provided the limit dial *132#.
With the service "Promised payment" can instantly update your account in the amount of 800 rubles for a week. To use the service will work even when you "went negative," but not more than 30 rubles. The service "Promised payment" is available for free. After dialing *111*123# you can enter the payment amount. Your phone will come SMS-the message on the connection. To use the service "Promised payment" it is possible, if you are not connected to services, "Credit" or "full trust" and your room is already existing "Promised payment". MTS is always available the amount of "promised payment" of 50 rubles, but the more the client operator spends on communication services - the greater the amount available to him "the promised payment".