So, when the service is within the home region, a day you can spend 75 MB after the limit is exhausted, the Internet speed drops to 64 KB/s service Cost free for the first 15 days, after eight rubles a day. Payment - daily basis.

There are five ways to turn off services Bit Smart.

The first method is to contact the nearest office of MTS and ask the staff to disable this service. To disable passport data are required.

The second way is from your mobile phone (number on which you want to disable the service) dial *111*8649#call. Within few minutes you will receive a reply with notification that the service is successfully disconnected (in some cases, the service after the command is not disabled).

The third way is to send a message 8649 to the short number 111. The service will be deactivated instantly on the phone receives a message about the status of this option.

The fourth method is the use of Internet assistant. You must register in the personal Cabinet (procedure does not take much time, the main thing you need to do is to remember, and better to write the password, to further avoid complications with the entry in personal account), then go to the "Internet assistant" and then in "services". In the opened column you need to find the column "Bit Smart" and click next to it "disable".

The fifth method is to call the operator of cellular communication of MTS on number 0890 and ask him to disable this option. In this case, before the call you need to prepare your passport, because you need personal data.