The service "Trust payment" is automatically disabled when the write-off of debt from your account. According to the rates and conditions of service, the borrowed cash can be carried out within three calendar days. But if you are roaming, the service is available during the week.
To deactivate the service "Trust payment", you can through the operator of the company. To do this, visit one of the offices of "Beeline". If there are any, contact the office of the company. 'You can find on the official website under the tab "Help and support". Provide this service and the salons of cellular communication "Svyaznoy", "Euroset" and others. Don't forget to bring a document proving your identity as the owner of the SIM card.
You can also use the "my account". To do this, go to the official website of the cellular operator. Register in the system password by typing with your phone the following combination of characters: *110*9# and "Call". On your mobile device within a few minutes you will get an email with a password to access the system. Enter it and your phone number in the required field. It is through this system you can control the options and services without leaving home.
Disable "Trust payment" with the help of USSD-command. To do this, in the network "Beeline", type the combination of symbols *141*0# and "Call". On your mobile device within minutes will receive an SMS with the results of the operation.
If for some reason you cannot deactivate the service, contact the operator short number 0611. Calling your passport data, you can disable the option.