If you no longer need this service, send an SMS with the code 21180 on number 111. In addition, the deletion of "full trust" is possible by sending combinations *111*2118#.
No less convenient is the method to disable services through the free service "Internet Assistant". To use it, follow the link There you will be able to unsubscribe from any unwanted services if you go to the menu "Rates and services". It is the item "My subscriptions". Click on it, to be able to abandon a particular service. The same can be done using a different paragraph, it's called "service Management". Enter it and you will see the entire list of what is currently connected on your phone.
In this self-service there is a special section devoted to "full trust". Navigate to and click the "Connect/Disconnect".
But do not forget about the fact that you will not be able to benefit from the "Internet Assistant". You must first log into the system. Therefore, you will need a username and password. To set a password, send an SMS with the text "25_ your password" to the short number 111. Please note: to be sent with mobile number and through the program "MTS connect". Password length is limited, you can write only six to ten characters. Among them must contain at least one digit, one uppercase letter (and Latin).
Once the operator processes the incoming requests from you to set the password, you can log into the system "Internet Assistant". On the home page, enter in the appropriate box the number of your mobile phone and enter the password, and then click on the "Log in".