You will need
  • address charitable Fund;
  • website of the charity Fund;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - a set of documents for the Fund.
Find the address you are interested in organization or Foundation (this can be done online by entering a search term), read the rules for the provision of assistance posted on the website.
Write a letter or electronic mail in any of the funds. Try to make it informative, reliable, fully illuminated your problem. Write so that people read it is not indifferent to your trouble.
If your application will be reviewed and accepted, check out the organization's website with the list of documents required for registration of requests for assistance. For each charitable organization required a different set. Some sites will have special application forms for assistance, open, fill in and print them out to put a personal signature, then scan your document (if you send it by e-mail).
In addition, in the case of different additional questions, contact the charitable funds is possible at the contact numbers provided on their official websites.
When you call for help, consider the fact that some funds will not be able to instantly provide you with financial assistance. In this case, it will be a gradual organized a fundraiser for you.
Keep in mind that you can refuse help, if the set of the documents provided by you is incomplete or doubt their authenticity; or if necessary medical assistance is provided to people or organizations that do not have a formal right to provide it; you get a waiver and if the Commission of experts of the Foundation will consider providing assistance ineffective (for example, the selected method of treatment or prescribed medication used in the treatment of this disease or in this case, will not be able to help);
In addition, if you refuse to communicate with the workers of the charity Fund, do not answer their phone calls and e-mails do not provide the required information, to avoid – it is unlikely they will be able to help.