Under charity understand grant aid or assistance on any privileged conditions provided to those who need it. It may exist completely in any form and may be carried out in all spheres of life.There are several varieties of charity. In the event of emergency situations in various countries of the third world, the EU and world leaders gather humanitarian aid, which is a much needed thing people: medications, food, clothing, etc. in addition, under this kind of charity is subject to various loans, which are able to stimulate any production.Social assistance is an activity aimed at protecting children, the elderly, persons with disabilities, in a word, poorly protected layers of the population. This includes free legal consultations, and organization of various projects, donation of finances or belongings, etc. Have to be a large number of organizations that are engaged in charity, respecting the interests of society. These include various non-profit organizations and foundations. Among their main objectives include conduct-oriented society programs, as well as the distribution of grants and funding to the needy in their organizations. In some cases, such structures are engaged in commercial activity, from which you are seeking funds for their own content. Another fairly well-known variety of charity Church. The temples always welcome those who need help. In addition, religious organizations often carry out the business of charity and assistance to disadvantaged people.A famous person doing charity work. In particular, the ex-soloist of group "VIA Gra" Vera Brezhnev organized his own Foundation to help children called "Ray of hope". Famous actress Chulpan Khamatova engaged in conducting creative concerts and meetings, the proceeds of which always go to help orphanages across the country.