Advice 1: How to raise money for charity in social networks

Almost all of the charitable activity in Russia has a social character and its goal of bringing people before the main issue is using those who find themselves in difficult life situations. And if there are issues that can be solved through personal involvement, then there are those that need to raise funds. If we are talking about a big sum, we should try to attract more caring people.
How to raise money for charity in social networks

Available charity

All charities and independent volunteers have their own groups and communities on social networks. On the pages in the groups they report on their work, share news, post requests for assistance. Volunteering and charity require full transparency, otherwise it will not trust such people and organizations. If we are talking about the collection of funds, the organization must have an impeccable reputation, and to confirm its activities in a permanent record. Moreover, the financial report of the charitable funds should be published every year. We are talking about a mandatory audit of non-profit organizations. All other reports on the expenditure of funds are published at the request of the management. But any contributor and the sponsor shall have the right to make an individual request for a financial report.
Today in Russia is registered more than 150 charities .

Assistance in network

Unfortunately, the realities of life are such that major surgery, to help the poor, to support orphans and to feed the stray animals have to collect money from the world. And social media covering the largest audience of active users, these things are very helpful. Requests for assistance appear there regularly. But we must not forget that swindlers in the network is sufficient. Charities when publishing posts requests must comply with the mandatory conditions. All registered nonprofit organizations must have an official website with contact information, Bank details and electronic payment systems, information about the management and staff, copies of registration documents. Thus it is possible to confirm its official activities in the eyes of potential donors.

The popularity of online

For example, the Foundation collects funds for the construction of a Playground at the orphanage. Before the rally you must select contractors and prepare the final estimate for the construction. Information about fundraising you must first publish on its official website. The article is necessary to specify for what the orphanage collected money that will build, put a copy of the estimate and a photo of the place where will stand the new site. After that, the news should be "reposted" in all the social networks where the Fund community. As practice shows, most of the responses are in the networks Vkontakte and Facebook. A little worse for LiveJournal − it is convenient only to publish reports and draw attention to promotions and events. After posting a post with a request for help ask all your friends to copy news on your page. So you can attract more attention, and therefore money.

All the rules

The most critical issue of fundraising is a method of transferring money. The main legal means of obtaining funds the Fund is a Bank account. However, for many philanthropists like this method of funds transfer is not very convenient. There are also many who have to go to the Bank and stand in line, someone does not want to pay a fee for the transfer of funds from one Bank to another. Others fear of tax deductions. Although according to the law, a charitable donation (as a recipient and sender) to any tax exempt. It is necessary to observe only one rule: in the column "purpose of payment" please indicate that this donation. You can, for example, to write that this is a donation for the construction of the Playground. Then, in this case, the Fund will not be able to spend the money on something else. The same applies to electronic money and wallets.

Sms-service to help

The most popular way of collecting funds are chargeable sms message. Charity draws up a contract with your cell provider (or intermediary) for the provision of premium short codes sms service. At the conclusion of the contract stipulates the purpose of the numbers, the percentage (or lack thereof) for mediation services. The convenience of this method of fundraising is that the money is then immediately transferred to the account of the Fund in the recruitment of a certain amount.

To justify the confidence

To raise money to volunteers is difficult, and volunteering in Russia is not regulated by law. Trust only cause those people who work on behalf of nonprofit organizations. And if anyone of the donors there was any doubt, he may call the Fund and ask about this man. After the fundraiser be sure to publish the report. It is necessary to specify how much money is collected, what they spent (with copies of estimates, receipts, certificates of the executed works). Be sure to make a photo report.
Charitable organizations reglamentary Federal law of August 11, 1995 N 135-FZ "On charitable activities and charitable organizations".

Let's help them

And what to do to those who are left with their problems alone? Not to despair and look for caring people in the network. For example, you picked up a stray cat and cured her search for her a foster home or permanent family. You need to start to pay the bill at a veterinary clinic, and this requires money.

In the first place put information on his page in the social network. Look for community where we address those who need particular help. Often, these thematic groups, to find will help you search. Enough request a subject of "Help homeless animals", as you will find dozens of thematic groups. Be sure to hang your information in such groups. Often such community is strictly moderated, be prepared to provide the necessary information for placement. Attach to post a picture of the cat in the veterinary clinic after the procedure. Money is better to transfer to the account of the veterinary clinic, indicating for what services this payment. And generally try to rarely ask for money to transfer to your account to get more trusted and not suspected of fraud. Even if you ask for money for food of animal, it is better to ask to buy food someone from caring people.

Advice 2 : Where on the Internet to donate money to charity

The information feed of the social network is replete with numerous communications requests for fundraising. Someone can not leave without attention to any one ad, and someone – until then indifferently leafing through them. However, when the desire to help arises, some are faced with a serious dilemma: which of the charities you can read about them in the Internet, you need to send help.
Where on the Internet to donate money to charity
To begin to determine who needs help in the first place – after all, every nonprofit organization has its own mission and objectives.
Read about the activities of the charitable organization on its website; there – to make a donation.

Charities: what are they

One of the most common types of NPOs (nonprofit organization) are charities. In Russia there are more than a dozen and each specializiruetsya on something specific. One engaged in treatment or the adaptation of children with severe and rare diagnoses (diseases of the heart, nervous system, etc.), others - assistance to low-income and large families. There are those who cooperates with nursing homes and the elderly.

Some of the funds work with the homeless: provide them with assistance in restoration of documents, legal and medical services.
Another category of funds, which in Russia while are less likely, are organizations specializing in providing palliative care. They help those who put a fatal diagnosis. The funds raised can save lives, but they can significantly ease her last moments. Part of social and charitable programs, such funds are supported by the Church.
About current projects that need sponsorship, can be found on the website of the local diocese or on the page of the Synodal Department for charity and social service of the ROC.

The funds of nature protection, animal shelters

If the problems of environment, extinction of rare species of plants and animals you care about more than the stories of real people, a donation can always be done in the Fund for the protection of the environment. Even now one of the most common forms of charity – the transfer of funds, and support of shelters for homeless animals. On the website many of the shelters, usually you can find the information that they have a special need.

Media support

Not only charities, but also a number of media is experiencing difficulties with financing. First of all, this applies to educational and religious publications. Because they have no opportunities to earn a commercial advertisement, they exist only thanks to sponsorship donations. Financial assistance provided by the patrons, is visible to the naked eyes – it was thanks to their support of the editorial Board have the opportunity to pay for the work of journalists and to release interesting material.

Crowdfunding: to raise funds for medical treatment or to make a film

Crowdfunding is a new form of charitable cooperation. Through special portals people collect money on completely different things and even projects, some in operation, others for necessary medical equipment, and some on the production of the film. One of the successful examples of crowdfunding in Russia – the creation of the album, b-2, funds for which were, in fact, with the world on a string.

The ways of money transfer.

After choosing charities you need to go to her personal website and find the tab "Donate" (or something similar in meaning). You then choose how the money to be transferred. In most cases, the funds can be transferred in several ways: deducted from Bank cards, e-wallet or a phone number in the required amount, and paid receipt to the Bank.

One important caveat: to avoid the possibility of deception, donations do not better than private persons (except for situations where there is confidence that their stories are true), and funds that have a good reputation and extensive experience in the field of philanthropy.
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