As it seems at first glance, to provide charitable assistance is not difficult and moreover quite simple, you only need to have the desire to help and a little time.Visit the nearest branch of the Bank.
Contact your consultant and find out if this Bank is such kind of accountand to whom you need to apply to open a charity accountand, as well as get the full information about what will be required to open such account.
Take a sheet of A4 paper, which you can ask at the Bank employees and a ballpoint pen.
Write the application addressed to the Director of the Bank in any form, putting the purpose of opening such a charity RAscoretion scoreand treatment of the child, help the injured animals, help the homeless, etc.), the destination (use) received on accountof funds (payment of medical treatment, transfer to the Fund for the protection of animals, providing food and clothing to the homeless, etc.) and putting the required amount for the collection (to include numbers and letters) your details (passport details and personal attitude to the person or organization which you want help) and the period for which you want to open a charitable account.
Personally sign the application and date of filing it for consideration and signature.
Pass the application to the Bank employee in the appropriate box.
Sign a contract with the Bank about opening a charitable account. For the conclusion of such contract it is necessary to have at itself the document proving the identity. After the contract is concluded, the Bank will provide you use of RAaccountcent account, which will receive funds. Room RAscoretion scoreand you will find in the contract.
The procedure for opening personal accountand for charitable purposes completed. Now you have to contact the local tax authorities and give information about opening a charity accountand if the Bank does not send such information independently.