Charities in Russia a lot. To appeal better to some. Will not work with one, get another. The main thing - not to lose hope and not to give up. To Fund approved charitable assistance that you need together with a written request to attach the required documents and a medical certificate as proof that you really are in need of financial assistance. Your letter to the Fund should be as sincere and truthful.
The Russian Fund of the Help is one of the largest charitable Foundation, which was founded by the magazine "Kommersant". The appeal of this Fund should be presented in the form of a letter describing the problem and with a direct request. The letter must be accompanied by the documents and medical certificates which are tested by qualified doctors and experts. The latter, in turn, conclude that the treatment really necessary. The Fund provides assistance to people with different diagnoses, but the probability of getting it increases if the diagnosis falls into one of the special programs Fund. After approval your request, the Foundation opens the collection of funds transfer comes at the expense of the needy.
Charity Fund "Happy World" cooperates with all Russian cities. The Fund can be accessed with any diagnosis, by mailing the required list of documents. After consideration of the application, the specialists of the Fund appoint a personal meeting. The Fund is not a cash disbursement, and in providing the necessary treatment to the patient.
Charitable public Fund "Children's hearts" - an organization helping children with congenital defects or diseases of the heart and nervous system. For the request for assistance should send a letter of request and required documents and certificates.
The charitable Internet-Fund The online Fund was created primarily for those needy sick people who are denied the remaining funds. The Fund does not refuse assistance, but using it is as follows: in the common queue on the website and in the media publish letters in need of material means. Their diagnoses are different. Most of all, it should take into account that a greater response is given to those letters that are written from the heart, which manifest the desire to live and fight the disease.