One of the most affordable options is to contact well-known charities. All the info you can find on the Internet. Here in need of assistance to the disabled person or his relatives have to place all the necessary information with a request for help. Typically, using such funds sponsors are fast enough.
The only thing that usually ask the organizers of charitable funds is to received cash assistance from people periodically sent to the website reports on the passage of your treatment, rehabilitation or surgery. The same applies to cases when you buy wheelchairs, special equipment needed for life support of the person with disabilities.
Also you can place an animated banner on the network. First, create a website, when you visit which anyone will be able to find a needy person all the information. Also indicate here the reason why the disabled need a sponsor and the amount of the required cash amount. Next you need to create a banner that you immediately go on the website and post it on various websites: if a handicapped child, on the forums of mothers, if the adult on other appropriate Internet sites.
Take advantage of using social networks. To do this, create a corresponding group in the network with information about a needy person and his details. Each topic in this group can be assessed so that other members can see what is important. Pay attention to the change, you can simply click on the caption under the theme of "I like" or "share with friends". Thus news about the person seeking a sponsor, it is very quickly distributed among a large number of Internet users.
Think about what you can be useful to any businessman and send him a sponsor letter. Make it according to the rules: do not write too long, build phrase, laconic but clearly reflecting the essence of the question, don't forget to specify what is your utility for that person. Can you tell us about it on various web sites, thereby partially advertise him and what he does.
Send an email and wait for an answer. If you do not answer, do not despair. So it was not your sponsor. To achieve results, send your message to several businessmen and entrepreneurs. Some of them will react.