Most often in the letters for help asking money for treatment. To avoid fraud in this area, funds and organizations to carefully check the information provided. To ensure that such a letter had chances for approval, it is necessary to collect and attach the required documents.
For a start written introductory letter in the prescribed form. It is written in the name of the President of the Foundation, or commercial organizations. In the letter you indicate exactly who needs help, for what purposes and in the amount of public funds. If we are talking about aid for a sick person, you must attach a copy of medical history, copy of passport or birth certificate (for children), a copy of the VAT and pension insurance of the parents or adult patient. If a person has a disability, please attach a copy of the certificate.
If we are talking about a sick child, parents must submit income statement 2-pit, confirming that they do not earn the required amount. If the clinic has put parents a bill for treatment, a copy should also be attached to the letter.
Charities collect money for the treatment of a specific child, posting information about it on its website, friendly sites, used print and electronic media. And for that you need to take photos of the child in the hospital. Photos should evoke in others a desire to help, not horror or disgust. In the cover letter you should indicate that you have permission to use the photo at the discretion of the Fund for placing in the public domain.
The accompanying letter to the foreign Fund or clinic is written on the language of the country in which they reside. To the letter as you apply the transfer history, a photo of the patient, a copy of his passport or birth certificate. For minors – copies of parents ' passports.