Sometimes, to return to a normal life, a homeless person needs only one chance. The best way out for the homeless are treatment in rehabilitation centres, which now operate in many cities. The advantage of such cents, compared with conventional shelters or hotels, the social lies precisely in the ability to obtain this chance.
If the squat is the only opportunity to wait out the cold, to eat, to sleep in a more or less human conditions, the rehabilitation centre is a structure aimed not only at solving current needs applying people, but also to provide more thorough assistance.
First of all, in these centers, the homeless have the opportunity to disinfection, obtain the necessary clothing, rations, free food and lodging. In addition, social workers at the centres provide assistance in the collection of documents for the recovery of passports, registration of disability pensions. Medical professionals provide the necessary medical care, if heavy conditions, help with registration in the relevant hospital.
If such a rehabilitation facility, you can apply to the following institutions of social direction, which also provide assistance and support to the homeless:
- Department of labour and social protection of the population (help in further organization of pensioners and invalids);
centers of social service (can provide charitable assistance in the form of clothing, food);
- services for family and children (provides comprehensive support to homeless families with children in difficult life situations);
- the society of the red cross (provides charitable assistance in the form of clothing and shoes, food, hygiene and medicines).