You will need
  • - the address of the organization or individual.
Gather initial information about the organization or the person to which you plan to apply: address, full name, legal status, name of supervisor and field activities. Think what could motivate a potential donor to provide financial assistance. For some motive are personal circumstances, for others – creating a positive image, for the third – the receipt of tax benefits, etc.
If you write to the organization, contact her supervisor. The more personal an appeal is, the greater the chances of success of the enterprise.
In the letter describe the purpose of the activity and history of your organization. Give basic information about the founders, the members, the most prominent benefactors.
Create a detailed description of the program, which want to receive funding. Do focus on specifics, reinforce the numbers, instructions, dates and names.
If necessary, accompany the letter with photographic materials relating to the request for a donation.
Determine the amount you wish to receive. You can also offer a potential benefactor to determine the size of the donation.
Please attach the documents confirming the information stated in the letter. It is advisable to send the draft Treaty on charitable assistance.
Write the contact details of the head of the charitable organization and the curator of the project, with whom you can discuss your questions and the details of cooperation.
Letter sign, signature ascertain a seal.