You will need
  • - mobile phone
  • - a computer connected to the Internet
Dial *100# or *111*1# and press the call button. The amount of the account balance displayed on the phone screen.
Please call 0501. The informer will report on the status of the account balance of the subscriber Megaphone.
Send any SMS to the number 000100. The amount in the account will come in the response message.
Connect the service "Live balance"that allows you to track the status of account in real-time. Information about the account balance will be available on the mobile phone screen. Any change in balance is displayed amount changes directly into the eyes of the subscriber.
Connect to the self-service system "Service-Guide" the operator the Megaphone. With the help of this service you can see your account and other information using a cell phone or computer connected to the Internet.
Download on operator MegaFon and install on your computer the program "MegaFon-Balance" (for subscribers of MegaFon-Moscow). Information about the account status will be displayed directly on the computer screen and updated independently.