In order that the bristles became harder, you will have to resort to the razor every day. The more often you do it, the faster will receive more abundant and hard vegetation. Hair shaved with a razor blade, gets injured, which begins to grow faster, become thicker and stronger. This effect you need, so do not be lazy every morning to do the procedure in the name of future thick beard or stubble attractive.
Strengthen the blood flow to the skin. Due to this, the hair will receive the best nutrition and start to vigorously grow. This can be done using a tool called "pepper vodka" that are sold in pharmacies. Take one teaspoon, mix with three olive oil. Gently apply the mixture on the entire face, from where in future should appear in the bristles.
Suffer burning, and other not very pleasant feeling at least ten minutes. Of course, if you are experiencing unbearable pain, the mixture will quickly wash away. After the procedure your face will be quite red, so to make it better at night and not more often than once a week. For owners of sensitive skin, this method is unacceptable.
Use burdock oil. It is used in cosmetics to improve the growth of hair, nutrition and strengthening. That's what you need to do with your hair, so buy a bottle of this oil at the drugstore or beauty Department of a store. Preheat small amount of oil (you can put a few seconds in the microwave), using a cotton pad or gauze apply it on your face.
Massage oil active massage gently for five minutes, then leave it for an hour. Better to wash it with warm water with cleanser. Make a mask of burdock oil two to three times a week.