You will need
  • examination of hormonal status;
  • - rational nutrition;
  • - day mode;
  • - refusal of bad habits;
  • - means for hair care and to accelerate their growth.
To accelerate the growth of stubble, schedule a consultation with a endocrinologist and complete a series of required examinations. Very quickly the stubble grows at an elevated level of testosterone, the amount of which depends on the balance of other hormones. With imbalance facial hair grows slowly, and on the body are completely absent or look like a youth gun, even in 30 and 40 years.
Depending on the result of the examination, the doctor will prescribe hormone therapy. With the normalization of hormonal balance will not only improve the growth of hair, but the muscle relief.
The second way to accelerate the growth of the bristle is enter into the habit of balanced diet, exercise and take vitamin-mineral complexes, as well as lecithin and drugs with omega-3 and omega-6.
In the diet should be to introduce products of animal origin meat, fat, and dairy and dairy products. Be sure to eat a week 5-10 eggs to eat seafood, fruits, vegetables, etc. Follow the regime of work and rest, do not overdo it, avoid stress. Avoid beer, wine, vodka, cigarettes, strong tea and coffee. Very often stress and poor diet, but also violated the routine, can cause hormonal imbalance which can be restored without resorting to drastic measures hormonal correction.
Additionally, use the tools that women used to accelerate the growth of hair and maintain it in a tidy manner. It is well-known castor and burdock oil. Method of application is very simple. Apply to the bristles, leave it for 30 minutes, rinse off gel cleanser. Use a mask 3-4 times a week and in a month or two you will see results.
Professional tools to accelerate the growth of any hair lotions: Minoxidil, Rogaine * Rogaine. The application depends on the dose of the active substance, so please read the annotation.