You will need
  • - razor;
  • "Minoxidil" ("Rogaine *" or "Rogaine");
  • - castor oil;
  • - burdock oil;
  • - vitamin complexes;
  • - zinc containing foods
In the slow growth of facial hair shave stubble, as in some cases after shave aktiviziruyutsya hair growth. However, keep in mind that frequent shaving does not guarantee that the activity of hair growth. So if you already have good results in the form of the regrown hair, but ideal lacks only a few millimeters, do not rush to shave it in the hope that it will grow faster, become better, and reach your required size is temporarily set aside the razor.
Eliminate from your diet coffee, tea and energy drinks containing caffeine, because caffeine leads to the development of body estrogen, which contributes to suppression of testosterone.
Take vitamins and minerals. To stimulate hair growth one of the most important elements is zinc. Include in your daily diet foods that contain zinc: egg, podsolnechnika seeds, pumpkin seeds, beans and nuts. For the normalization of metabolic processes in the body eat cereals, fruits and vegetables.
Use special lotions that are sold in pharmacies: monoxidil, rogain or Rogaine*. The lotion contains no colorants, hormones, they are odorless.
Apply to the bristles mixed in equal parts burdock and castor oil. Leave on for two hours on the face, then rinse it with warm water with soap, mild shampoo or gel cleanser.