Advice 1: How to make beard thicker

Problems with the appearance start to appear in boys at puberty. Often young people at the age of 15-18 years experience a lot of inconvenience in connection with the growth of facial hair. Initially, they represent a kind of fluffy, which gives the image a certain comic. As a rule, young people are very worried about it and trying to turn it into a real thick men's stubble. To make it much faster by following the simple guidelines.
How to make beard thicker
In order to make the hair grow healthy and strong, you need to eat right. The key to your diet should be the foods that are composed of calcium. These include cheese, fish, and dairy products. They will positively affect the growth of hair, nails and strengthen bones.
Move more. The presence of physical exertion will cause the body to produce more of the male hormone - testosterone, which is also responsible for secondary sexual characteristics. I mean, the hair will appear not only on face but also in the armpits and on the legs, arms and chest. If you add training and even regular sex life, then the bristles on the face can be seen pretty soon.
If the previous two tips did not help, you can try to shave often. However, this method is only suitable for those who would like to quickly get rid of the light gun on the chin and get heavy male beard. However, to shave a few times a day is not worth it. It can cause skin irritation.
Among the methods that allow you to make the beard thicker, sometimes you can find alcohol. Indeed, after alcohol hair grows twice as fast. However, following this method, do not forget that health is much more brutal appearance.
Useful advice
Don't forget that your genotype we have received from parents. Therefore, if on the face of the father is not dense bristles to achieve this son will be very difficult. If you got such a heredity, it is easy to accept myself and my appearance for what it is.

Advice 2: How to make a gun with your hands

For role-playing games and historical reconstructions may need a more serious weapon than the bow or textolite sword. If you wish, you can make even a gun, and decorate it under any old gun, so it is suitable for theatrical productions. Of course, a real fighting gun to do at home is impractical, but a small saluting gun is quite possible. But care must be taken. Although a homemade cannon, but shoots better than this.
A homemade gun can be decorated for any historical weapon
You will need
  • Hydraulic cylinder from a tractor or any other, of small size, with one end plugged, and with him the removal of the oil line.
  • Epoxy resin.
  • Rope.
  • A piece of metal wire.
  • Pliers.
  • Wooden rod.
  • A piece of thick linen or cotton fabric.
  • Gunpowder smoke or a homemade mixture on the basis of sulfur, saltpeter and charcoal.
Tractor cylinder is almost ready barrel for firing a homemade cannon. Fabricate a cleaning rod. It's made from a wooden rod of suitable diameter, exactly fitting the internal diameter of the barrel. The length of the rod should exceed the length of the barrel is 0.5 m.
In a metal can pour the powder mixture. With the help of a wooden stick (e.g., branches) plug the oil inlet hole from cylinder base. Put the cylinder vertically, muzzle up and pour in it the powder mixture 1 cm above the level of the orifice of the oil nozzle. Tamp the mixture with a ramrod.
Roll into 2-3 layers of a piece or linen or cotton cloth and a cleaning rod pushed it down the barrel until it stops. Seal charge a few strokes on the cleaning rod. In this case, the piece of fabric will play the role of wad. Then pull from the oil pipe wooden plug. The gun can be considered loaded.
Of steel wire, bend the l-shaped bracket, whose short piece should be about 2 times longer than the height of the oil pipe, and slightly sharpen that part of the cone. She should be free to enter into the hole of the nozzle. The long part (70-100 cm) can be equipped with a handle in the form of loops from the same provoloki.
Before shot install cylinder inclined (about 45° to the horizon) in a safe direction, to the line of fire there were no people, animals or flammable objects. The gun can be mounted on a wooden "slingshot", is firmly driven into the ground so that the gun breech rested in part driven into the ground a wooden stake.
Short pointed end of the metal bracket, heat on the fire and quickly insert into the hole of the nozzle. In the first test gun this procedure is better done from the shelter. Cannon to make a shot, then you need to let the barrel cool down and carefully examine it for cracks, chipping and any other defects. If they are not found, you can begin to design guns. Clean and degrease the barrel.
To give a historical form gun wrap on a cylinder of a rope, impregnated with epoxy resin. So you can create decorative bulges or tides. After hardening of the resin, the resulting design treat sandpaper and paint in bronze bronze automotive enamel or bitumen varnish. The carriage of guns you can make from wood. If you plan on making the mast, that during the taping of the gun with a rope, it is recommended to consolidate and wrap more and cross the metal pipe, which will play the role of the axis of rotation.
This gun is suitable for fireworks. Charge her any striking elements is impossible, its barrel is not designed for it, so the gun will just tear.

Epoxy resin should not be exposed to either in the barrel or in the fuse hole.

Is strictly prohibited in such guns use smokeless powder and mixtures based on potassium chlorate. There can be an explosion.
Useful advice
For guns of small caliber for the manufacture of wadding instead of cloth you can use paper.

Advice 3: Bristles on legs: how to get rid of the problem

For the modern woman removing hair on the legs is a mandatory process of achieving beauty and attractive appearance. And unlikely to meet a woman who would not face the problem of choosing the optimal method of getting rid of unwanted hair.
Bristles on legs: how to get rid of the problem
The easiest and most popular method is, of course, shaving. Fortunately, the choice of women's razors just huge. The latest models allow you to make the skin perfectly smooth, without causing irritation. However, this method has a major drawback: the very next day would be for re-growing hairkey.
Often still there are cases of occurrence of appreciable irritation even razors from the latest models. In this case, use the tools for hair removal. It can be a cream or spray. Such tools do not injure the skin and act directly on hair, destroying its structure. However, before you need be sure to test for skin reaction, as included in the substances can cause irritation in some people. Selecting means for depilation, prefer creams and sprays for sensitive and very sensitive skin. Their influence anymore, but they have a gentle effect on the skin.
Unfortunately, these methods have no lasting effect because the razor and depilatory means removing only located on the skin surface part of hairand, after which it continues to grow at the same rate. However, a few years ago has become a popular more effective method of removing hair – hair removal. Its essence lies in the removal of vegetation along with the root, so new hairKi appear soon (after 2-4 weeks). For hair removal use special wax or wax strips that you can buy in any store cosmetics.
The most popular are the electric epilator that remove hairs a large number of metal plates acting as tweezers. First time waxing causes is quite painful and discomfort, but eventually the pain becomes almost imperceptible. Perhaps the emergence of such problems as ingrown hairs that look very unaesthetic, so you should regularly (approximately every week) to use a body scrub.
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