In order to make the hair grow healthy and strong, you need to eat right. The key to your diet should be the foods that are composed of calcium. These include cheese, fish, and dairy products. They will positively affect the growth of hair, nails and strengthen bones.
Move more. The presence of physical exertion will cause the body to produce more of the male hormone - testosterone, which is also responsible for secondary sexual characteristics. I mean, the hair will appear not only on face but also in the armpits and on the legs, arms and chest. If you add training and even regular sex life, then the bristles on the face can be seen pretty soon.
If the previous two tips did not help, you can try to shave often. However, this method is only suitable for those who would like to quickly get rid of the light gun on the chin and get heavy male beard. However, to shave a few times a day is not worth it. It can cause skin irritation.