A lot depends on heredity and the level of testosterone in the blood, and this figure is primary and determinative. Sometimes you just have to wait a bit to hormones evened out, and the beard will be thick. All this process is individual and sometimes it takes years. More than what was in my nature to do the impossible. You can only slightly improve the result.
To enhance the growth of facial hair and to strengthen them should apply the same methods that are used for vegetation on the head. One of the most popular folk remedies, well-established is oil. Now oil is sold with various additives (vitamins, pepper). RUB into the hair roots twice a week, pre-heating. After a couple hours rinse. Burdock oil nourishes the hair and stimulates their growth.
Oddly enough, for faster the growth of the beard and its uniformity should be more shave. Shaving causes "post-traumatic hypertrichosis, the hair gets tougher, bigger, grows faster. Therefore, in order to achieve the desired effect, you first need to spend several months to develop the necessary thick bristles. This is achieved by daily shaving.
An active lifestyle promotes hair not just a beard, and throughout the body. It is associated with better blood circulation and thus, with better nutrition of hair.
Like to enhance and strengthen the growth of hair on the head, take vitamin complexes, which contain potassium, calcium, and vitamins b, E and A. you Can buy special vitamins for hair growth. But in any case, it is best to consult a doctor since the consumption of vitamins should be balanced. Also build your diet so that essential nutrients received from food.