As a rule, men who have undergone puberty, to grow a beard is easy. But it happens that by inheritance, the axis of the bristle on the face is very weak, so the hair grows soft and rare.
Therefore, the stubble growing thickly and evenly, eat right. Eat foods rich in calcium, such as fish, dairy products, cheese, and nuts.
Take vitamin responsible for hair growth. These are vitamins K, D, calcium, Biotin, strengthens not only hair, but nails and teeth. Therefore, becoming the owner of the bristles, you'll also improve your health in General.
Be active. General motor activity speeds up the metabolism, triggers the development and growth of the organism, and this manifests itself in the number and growth of hair. Your skin needs to breathe, so I enjoy sports, especially Jogging, swimming, get yourself a bike and rollers. Having beautiful hair, you will strengthen your physical attractiveness.
The old advice to shave my hair often, though not unfounded, but still has undesirable consequences. The bristles really will grow stronger the more you shave it. But, most likely, you can't avoid constant irritation on the face that you will agree, unlikely to add you female attention.
But if in spite of possible deterioration of the skin, you are ready to shave every day, stock up on soothing and moisturizing products for the face, be sure to use the foam. Together this will reduce the risk of getting painful irritation. But remember, to solve problems better inside.
Refer to the endocrinologist, or trichologist and they will prescribe you a course of stimulation of hair growth, and possible hormonal means, if the analysis of the level of male hormones will be below normal. All these procedures are very serious, so look for competent professionals that you trust.
Having achieved the desired bristle, don't forget to take care of her. Track the time when a light stubble becomes beard, it's not always looks nice. Don't forget to trim stubble, creating her appropriate form.