You will need
  • - the vitamins;
  • - dairy products;
  • - zinc;
  • shampoo;
  • mustard powder;
  • - castor and burdock oil.
Hair growth on the body, including the face, depending on the number of necessary microelements in the organism. If you are wrong or irrational eating, begin taking a vitamin complex, which contains a large dose of calcium. If you don't like some stuff, try to find brewer's yeast in which it is absent.
Stubble it grows well at a high level of testosterone in the blood. Therefore, take zinc. He helps produce the hormone, but does not cause harm, but rather improves the General condition of both hair and skin. Also eat more foods rich in these micronutrients.
Daily drink 500 ml of milk, kefir or yogurt. Eat cheese, cheese and other dairy products. They contain not only a lot of calcium, and amino acids that contribute to healthy hair growth.
Buy shampoo "shampoo hair". Similarly, there are and funds from beer yeast, but wash their whiskers need to regularly.
Several times a week to do a mask. Mix burdock and castor oil in equal proportions, warm it up to 40 degrees. Then add a capsule "Evita" vitamins (fat-based) and mix thoroughly. Apply on scalp and leave for an hour. This will help not only to accelerate the growth of whiskers, but also to get rid of dandruff, if any.
Periodically, do a mask of mustard powder. Use approximately 1 tsp mustard 10 ml of sour cream or butter. The resulting mixture was put on a mustache and keep for 15 minutes. Wash with warm water.
As regrowth of whiskers adjust their shape. For this purpose use the trimmer. If you yourself can't do or are afraid to mess it up, visit the beauty salon. The wizard will cope with the task in literally 5 minutes.