Growth of hair on the face is due to several factors. It relates to the level of a number of minerals and vitamins, estrogen contained in the body, the level of testosterone in the blood, the General design of the body, genetic predisposition. If the last two factors you just change fails, the others adjust to you.
Try to start with regulation of hormones. Their level directly depends on your diet, lifestyle and physique. First and foremost, abstain from caffeine. It included in energy drinks, tea and coffee. It promotes active production of estrogen, which suppresses the male hormone. Replace these drinks on the granulated root of the coriander. Its taste is very similar to the mixture of tea and coffee, but in its composition it contains no caffeine. In addition, bring to a minimum the consumption of beer.
The level of male hormones and is determined by the body type. It is proportional to the number of muscles. Actively start to do sports. Regular physical activity contribute to the production of testosterone. Because of this facial hair will grow faster.
The main substance, which is needed for enhanced hair growth is zinc. It is most effectively affects the growth of the stubble. So make sure to eat the following zinc-containing products: eggs, beans, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds, walnuts.
Another proven secret to enhanced growth of stubble is a common shaving process. Remember that the more you shave, the more will be their growth. However, they will grobet. Within two weeks shave twice. After this aside the blade. After some time you will notice good results.
Also, try to use when washing tools to help promote hair growth. They can have a marked effect.