The main rule for the owner of the hard bristles — no cold water when shaving. If you have soft bristles, you can periodically rinse the machine under a stream of ice water. It cools and will contribute to a more comfortable shave. But with hard bristles to do it categorically it is not recommended.
To soften the bristles, use plenty of hot water. Thoroughly wash before shaving, steam the face. This is a little will soften the stubble and prepare it for contact with the blade.
Then apply emollient cream on the face. And immediately soak a towel in hot water, fold it and apply for half a minute-to-face. This will soften the skin and weaken the bristles.
Take gel or foam and apply on face evenly to shaving area. Do not forget your neck. If you make a choice between foam or gel, it should be noted that it foams, it can be evenly applied to the face, but at the same time, it will close all the bristles, and you will drive the machine at random. And the gel is overlaid with a thin layer, with the result that you can see all areas of skin that need to shave.
The stiff bristles formed on his chin and above his upper lip. So shave these areas last. During this time, the shaving stuff is enough to moisturize the skin and soften the hairs.
If necessary, wash the mustache and beard with hot water and again apply the hot towel only on these specific locations. Then re-apply the emollient and then work the machine.
For shaving, use only perfectly sharp press, stiff bristles as even after softening will be difficult to shave. If it turns out an ingrown hair, remove it with tweezers and disinfect well the place of removal.
After shaving thoroughly rinse your face with warm water, rinse with cold water and apply aftershave.