You will need
  • - the vitamins;
  • - special shampoos;
  • mustard powder;
  • - olive oil;
  • - burdock oil.
Take vitamin food supplements. Well accelerates hair growth calcium, phosphorus, zinc, selenium and fish oil. Choose the drugs which contains high dose of these substances. The result will not appear immediately, but after a few weeks you will notice that the beard became faster to grow and look healthy and shiny.
Eat dairy products in unlimited quantities. They contain a lot of calcium. Also hair growth is accelerated, if every day to eat meat and fish. Eat rationally and correctly, that the body received the right amount of micronutrients.
Use for washing the beard special shampoo that accelerates hair growth. They include vitamin supplements which have a positive impact on the roots and structure of the bristles.
Make a mask of mustard powder. Add it to the regular shampoo, mix thoroughly and apply on the hair growth area for 20 minutes. If you have sensitive skin, you will approach mustard oil mask. 20 ml of olive oil add a tablespoon of the powder and apply to the beard.
Twice a week massage into beard oil. It will help speed up the hair growth and moisturize the skin. Keep about 40 minutes after rinse with warm water and shampoo several times. To enhance the effect, add oil, vitamins a and E.
Daily brush your hair for 10 minutes. If you have a head massager, use it. Gently massage your beard several times a day. Mechanical impact to the roots provokes a stronger growth of stubble by improving blood supply to the skin.
Make the beard as the hair growth, otherwise it will look untidy. If you yourself can't do, call a beauty salon. The master will give the desired form that is most beneficial will emphasize the features of your face.