Before you choose the shape of whiskers, you need to consider how this form will be combined with the facial features of men and the shape of his nose, as well as distances between nose, mouth and chin.
Despite the fact that any trimming a mustache requires a strictly individual approach, there are several General points, common to all types of individuals and all types of mustache. In particular, the sharp tips of the moustache heliroute sharp razor, and excessive pomp removed, thinning shears, which is handled by the lower edge of the mustache.
To do too long whiskers shorter, comb them in the opposite direction – from the edges to the center, and then otstegat the excess ends.
Masters often using forceps, creating a form of whiskers. Use only flat, high-quality tongs with a stable heat. Mustache must be prepared to design and aligned with a pair of scissors. Moustache comb to the left and to the right of center.
Considering the shape and form of a future moustache, take the heated Curling Tong not too hot temperature in their middle part, pull away from the skin and shape. Release the processed edge of the mustache and semipelite following. At a time with forceps take a small strand of whiskers. Attach whiskers form in the direction from the middle to the sides.
If the whiskers need to tuck up, slightly turn the pliers to wrap the strand of hair in direction of growth up.
After the heat treatment comb, mustache brush and cut off excess hair with scissors.