Contact a medical organization and pass the necessary medical, diagnostic and rehabilitation actions to confirm a persistent dysfunction of your body, which is caused by disease, defects or injuries.
Then the results of these activities, contact the experts at the medical institution and will receive a direction on mediko-social examination. The Commission on the basis of objective examination and submitted medical expert documents collectively defines the evidence to establish your disability.
To pass the examination in accordance with the rules "On approval of Rules of carrying out medico-social examination" together with the direction, provide the following documents: the document proving the identity, data on a residence, out-patient card, which will allow doctors to analyze the progress of your disease, as well as information about employment. In some cases, you may require additional documents, for example, the conclusion of psychological-medical-pedagogical consultation or act of the accident in the exercise of professional activities.
Will receive the following documents that will constitute your deemed disabled and eligible for all corresponding benefits: certificate of disability, extract from "the Individual program of rehabilitation of the disabled, a certificate of degree of disability, proof of additional types of assistance and care when medically necessary, the inquiry on needs in special vehicles.