The reasons why people refuse to disabilitymay be different outside the group and, as a consequence, the sense of social isolation, drop in self-esteem, financial insecurity, and more. Commercial firms don't really want to deal with people with disabilities who are eligible for additional leave, at any time, if necessary, take sick leave, special working conditions, etc. As for bypassing doctors for the next re-examination is generally for almost all of the disabled individual unpleasant subject. Also often people refuse just confused because they see in obtaining the status of invalid only the negative side and don't know the position by law.
If you are entitled to term group disability and you decided to abandon it, it will be enough just not to be at the next re-examination. If the status you want to remove until the deadline, then you need to appeal the decision of the Bureau of the MSE of assigning a group of disability. But if in fact your state of health, disability early you will not remove.
Refrain from disability written by is the most simple variant. Write and submit a formal statement in mlce. The Commission, after reviewing them, decide on the withdrawal of the group. But in this case, the solution may not be in favor of abolition.
Write the official opposition in the name of the Deputy chief doctor at the infirmary or doctor of the institution about his refusal VTEK, indicate that he is aware of the consequences of failure and have no claims to the outpatient facility. There is also a caveat: some wording will close hospital. If you will be the caption: "Disabled. LN (list of disability) is closed because of refusal to undergo examination", then everything will depend on how will the employer, i.e. whether he will take responsibility for permit you to work? If sick leave will close with the phrase "Begin work", then you can safely continue to work.
Consider everything well, maybe you've decided to give up. For example, to get the 3rd group, you can continue to work, and if you want you can get to work anyone. Mark group 3 in the workbook is not done. If you work in a public institution, it is not necessary to abandon the 2nd working group. Without legal grounds, the employer cannot just fire you. In private commercial companies, especially the amount of disability more. Besides, the organization itself has for that taxation benefits.