You will need
  • socket, knife, screwdriver
Any phone can be connected in parallel with the analog device. With the installation of parallel phone both devices will have the same room, and any of them can call or answer calls. In order to install a parallel telephone set, you must purchase a special socket that consists of a plug and housing. Work connection is in the following order:
Disassemble the socket by loosening the connecting screw, and strip the ends of the telephone wires.
Attach to the body of the telephone line cord. Accession is made to the two sockets on the right side of the body ( if you position the socket so that the bottom will be the fifth contact).
Attach with screws the lower part of the body to the floor, and then reassemble the body, screwing the locking screw.
Disassemble the plug and look at the diagram of connection of conductive contacts and pins. Connect the socket it is precisely on this recommendation.
Connect the pins and check the presence of a signal in the phones. If the signal is, therefore, the mounting socket is made correctly. If no signal, try other connection options.
When installing sockets for parallel telephone sets should take into account the presence in the house computer. If there is one, is in front of the outlet must first install a splitter, which will eliminate the possibility of reducing the speed of the computer. For better communication, failure to listen to the conversation from another telephone set lock. Modern technological developments offer a large range of other additional devices.