The first thing to know is that in the phrase "This type of connection is not available for subscriber", the word "subscriber" refers to not you but the person you are calling. With your phone, it's probably all right, otherwise you would have heard the message that "your account has insufficient funds...".

In most cases, the answering machine "This type of connection is not available for subscriber" means that the person you are calling, insufficient funds on account in order to accept the call. It often happens in cases when a person is roaming (for incoming calls in such cases there is a fee), and the balance on the room is close to zero. If you suspect that your potential interviewee might be in the journey – you can send him a sms. Incoming messages in roaming is often free, and it is possible that you will be able to answer – often a small amount in the account still allows you to send short messages. Often the error message about the unavailability of this type of communication for a subscriber can be heard if calls to MTS subscribers.

Incoming is not available for a subscriber and if your partner is "left in a minus" – and the period over which it was necessary to replenish the balance has expired (or "minus" too large). In this case, the operators to temporarily block callers, and the incoming call becomes unavailable to them. After balance on the account to unlock automatically. So, if you absolutely need to talk to someone, and you are ready to pay for it – can recharge his phone. However, if your partner rate with a monthly subscription fee, and he forgot to make it in time to help, only full payment of the invoice.

"This type of communication is not available for subscriber" can be heard in those cases when the owner of the SIM card itself voluntarily temporarily blocked your number or receive incoming calls. This sometimes make for long trips abroad (to save on roaming or not to pay the monthly fee for the period of absence), as well as in case the phone is lost or stolen. In this case contact your contact at this number most likely will not be able to until he decides to unlock the phone.

And the last reason instead of beeps you can hear the answering machine – the failure of the cellular operator. As a rule, they are short-lived. In this case, just try back again in a few minutes – and you may be able to talk.