Muzikansky Museum, perhaps the first in the list of cultural monuments of the city. Located on the red square to the right of the Cathedral. On the ground floor exhibition of the history of Kursk region, collections of insects, minerals, stuffed animals. On the second floor in addition to exhibits belonging to the Museum, very often a variety of traveling exhibitions.The Kursk battle Museum - historical memorial located in the village of ponyri. To reach the station by train from the railway station or by bus. In 2011, the Museum opened in the new building, allowing the opportunity to showcase new exhibits. Here you can see the military maps, personal belongings, archival documents, letters. And you will have the unique opportunity to visit the real the dugout, to see the actual trenches and military equipment during the war. This so-called "complex under the open sky".The title of the pearl of Kursk region rightfully belongs to the estate of Prince Baryatinsky. It is situated on the territory of Rila area in the village of Marino. Park and Palace architectural complex "Marino" is a stunningly picturesque view of the Park with old rare trees, the enormous artificial pond and a magnificent Palace. The Kursk archaeological Museum unique in its kind, is the first Museum in Russia, telling about the archaeological history of a particular region. Located on the street of Pioneers (stop Dobrolyubova). The architecture of the Museum building is itself a landmark. This former mansion of the merchant Khloponin, also called "chambers Romodanovsky". In the Museum you can see sculptures, exhibitions of ceramics, jewelry, tools of ancient people and various collections. A picture gallery of. Deineka art Museum, located on the street Radishchev. Part of the gallery dedicated to the works of the famous Kursk artist, and part is a collection of European and domestic painting, applied arts exhibits and traveling exhibitions. Entertainment complexes In late 2011, re-opened Kursk circus. After a fire in 1996, the year when the job is completely burned, there was little hope for his recovery. However, almost 15 years have passed, and again a door of the circus was opened to the audience. You can appreciate the performances of trained animals, jugglers, acrobats, clowns and much more. Another place to visit Kursk water Park "Miracle island" by the way, only in the topsoil. You will have: pools, slides, children's Playground, Jacuzzi, Finnish sauna, Turkish bath and other water attractions. Great fun and entertainment for children and adults. Shopping and entertainment centre "Pushkinskaya" - not least in importance, is the "heart" of the city, near the drama theatre. Pushkin. Here you can go bowling or Billiards, sit in a cafe or small restaurant and, of course, to visit the largest theater of the city "Five stars".Where to walk and take pictures?The most favorite place of photographing, walks and meetings – memorial complex "triumphal arch, drama theater, Red square, shopping center "Pushkinskaya". If you want to kill several "birds" with one trip, try to make a forced March from the Cathedral (Red square) to the building of the medical University (area Perekalskogo). On your way there will be landmarks, and monuments and museums and cafes, bars, restaurants and pizzerias on almost every corner.