Interesting option – evening on the boat. It if possible choose a, because this option is not only a win-win in terms of creating a romantic and unforgettable environment, but does not allow graduates to go in different directions and turn the evening to stay alone. The most unpleasant experience that he can to leave behind is lost in the water objects and bathing excessively census classmates.
Traditional version – evening in a cafe or a small restaurant. The most secure and convenient way to spend the evening with class. Very suitable for those who want after the official part to take a romantic stroll through the city. Many places offer not only good food but also entertainment, security and good atmosphere in the room. By the way, in practice, may prove to be one of the most inexpensive.
A good option will be to conduct a prom in the suburban areas, suburban bases and boarding houses. They all have good restaurants and pavilions, providing opportunities for graduates and to eat well, and take a walk in the fresh air and have fun. Many have the original entertainment: horseback riding, boating, swimming, and many others.
More expensive would be to rent a night club. Given that the prom club will not be no stranger that will resolve all the issues of organization and security, even the most wise will not refuse to go. It is important to ensure that the bus that took all the alumni and alumnae after the evening home.
One of the most inexpensive options – a joint excursion with the class and shared a picnic. Good impression of this holiday is entirely dependent on the talent of the organizer and the plant class, able to cheer and lighten the mood. For a number of reasons this option is prom popular in rural schools, where there are almost no alternative ways to host the event.