If you are interested in the history of the city, visit the Murmansk Museum of local lore. There you can find the exposition dedicated to the development of the city and region, as well as very interesting exhibits on local nature. People with expertise in Geology, must like samples of different rocks obtained from a unique source - the Kola superdeep borehole. In addition there is the Museum of the Northern fleet with exhibits on the military history of the city. Also interested in military history and the history of armament will be interesting to visit the atomic icebreaker "Lenin", which is decommissioned and is used as a Museum.Art lovers can also visit the art gallery, which regularly hosts travelling exhibitions of major Russian museums. In addition, there is a collection of works by local artists.For those wishing to attend the theatrical performance, there are three theatre - two dramatic and one puppet. Own Opera and ballet theatre in the city, but productions of operas in concert performance can be found in the Philharmonic.Wildlife enthusiasts will be interested in Murmansk Oceanarium. It hosts a variety of shows featuring sea animals that will interest both adults and children.For people interested in night life, there are numerous night clubs. Basically, they are traditional institutions with dance music, but among them there are those where, for example, operates karaoke. These include Diamons Club and a number of other institutions.In Murmansk are conducted and cultural events that you should visit if you are in town at the right time. It relates to the Day of Slavic literature and culture held on may 24. Lovers of winter sports can be recommended to purchase tickets for the North Festival - traditionally held in the city international competition in the disciplines of cross-country skiing, winter orienteering, winter swimming and even ice fishing. If you have sufficient physical training, you can apply and take part in a ski race called the "Trails of Friendship." The route goes via three countries: Norway, Finland and Russia.