In Kostroma is the famous Museum of flax and bark. "Earth flax-Kostroma" is the main exhibition of the Museum, which presents ancient and modern samples of fabrics and garments, and shows the processing of flax. Museum visitors will be able to see how spinners work the loom, and if you want to try to master this skill.The second hall of the Museum is called "Tales in the bark". Here are the miracles: salt shakers, shoulder boxes-pesteri, lopatochnyj, bark sandals, etc. In the trade fair hall you can buy products from flax: Russian national women's tunics, men's shirts, Souvenirs.According to preliminary filings with tourists hosts a variety game show: "Christmas yarily", "Kuzminki — a celebration of artisans", "Snegurka games", etc. Another interesting choice for guests visiting the city is the Ethnographic Museum. There, under the open sky presents chapels, churches, houses and various outbuildings of the 16th-19th centuries, brought from different parts of the Kostroma region. The Museum expositions tell us about the traditional life of the peasants in Russia.Besides, Kostroma is an ancient "Epiphany monastery of St. Anastasia convent, founded in the 15th century Anastasia Romanova – the first wife of Ivan the terrible. The main Shrine of the monastery is the miraculous icon of the Mother of God miraculously appeared in the walls of the temple. The icon became famous for many miracles, the various beneficial cures. Is considered the patroness of the hearth.Rarely are tourists visited Kostroma, past the Holy Trinity Ipatiev monastery. The history of its buildings are steeped in mystery, no one knows exactly when it was founded. Documents from 1432 testify of him as existing. People are attracted to beautifully decorated rooms, interesting historical facts associated with this place. The monastery stands as a symbol of the deliverance of Russia from the times of the Troubles, and also, about the election in the reign of Mikhail Romanov.At the entrance to Kostroma, from the mountains on the banks of the Volga river, surrounded by lime trees, as if growing out of the earth, is the famous Resurrection Church on Debra - Orthodox Shrine of Kostroma region, an outstanding monument of the great artistic culture of the 17th century. The name "Debra" - says that in the past this was a dense forest. It also has a rich historical past, everyone will introduce the guide. Tourists who appreciate architectural monuments, will not leave indifferent and the Church of the Saviour in ryady and the Church of St. John the Evangelist.In the city there are monuments to A. A. Novikov (Marshal of the red army), Ivan Susanin (in the square between the Red and Flour series), V. I. Lenin.Kostroma is always happy to tour, and in confirmation of this the city has a hotel complex "Volga" with the category of the hotel (three stars). To the wonderful holiday here offers high quality furniture, the same level of appliances. A top-quality restaurant features five luxurious rooms for 150, 80, 40, 30 and 12 seats. In addition, it includes a Solarium, beauty treatments, beauty salon, sauna, swimming pool and relaxation room, bar, Billiards, a huge variety of excursion programs and other services, guarded Parking lot.