If you like urban Hiking, be sure to check out the capital. This wide street is always filled with tourists. There are many cafes and ethnic restaurants, clubs and other places of recreation. Beautiful flower beds and fountains ensure a pleasant walk even on the hottest day. Winter on Khreshchatyk attracts a large ice rink with a beautiful festive tree.
Fans of historic architecture must visit the complex of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. Start the walk right after you exit from the metro station "Dnepr". On the territory of the temple complex are interesting museums and slender beautiful Church. If you just want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, stroll through the lanes and alleys of a neat garden of the monastery. From hunger you will save a monastery canteen and a bakery where you can find delicious and freshest pastries.
In the Cathedral of St. Sophia, you can continue your tour of ancient Holy sites. This monastic complex includes several ancient buildings of Kiev. The imagination of the millennial graffiti. Simple labels allow you to feel involvement in the story. Connoisseurs will appreciate the murals on the walls of the Cathedral. A walk through a manicured garden of monastic calm and set up a peaceful settlement.
If you are going to Kiev in the spring or summer, think about river cruises on the broad Dnieper. Modern pleasure boats will comfortably take you along the coastline where you can take photos of the capital of Ukraine, situated on the high banks of the Dnieper.
Fans of military history can sensibly spend time in the Museum of the great Patriotic war. This Museum is located under the monument "Motherland". The exposition of the exhibition halls tells about the most difficult test of our history. And under the open sky is the Museum of technology during the Second world war. In some cars and airplanes to sit in and take pictures.