Before pondering the problem permanently off the camera, make sure it is available on your computer. On older laptops it is not provided; there is none and on some netbooks.
If you use the web camera for the first time, check whether you have any drivers for it. Click on the "start" button and select "control Panel". In the opened window, among the list of devices click on "Printers and other hardware", then click "Scanners and cameras". If the camera drivers are activated, among the working devices you will see your webcam. Otherwise, you will need to install the software you need yourself.
If your laptop was sold with system disks, insert them into the drive and install the available drivers. As a rule, downloading such programs is automatic: you only need to accept the terms of the developer and acknowledge other requests in the system. Perhaps after setting need to restart the computer. If you can't find the driver on the disc, you can free download it from the official website of the manufacturer of your laptop for this you need only to specify the model of your computer.
In addition to the driver, providing high-quality web camera, your computer system must include a program to activate it. The most popular of them – Life Frame, Windows Movie Maker, LiveCam, Play Camera, etc. Find one on disk or download one of the programs from the Internet. After that double click the left mouse button on the shortcut to the program and the webcam will turn on. As a rule, a working webcam light-bright light.
To start with, the webcam can and programmes for online communication. For example, in the settings of instant messengers Skype, ICQ, QIP, Mail.the agent is set to automatically enable the web camera at the beginning of the video call.