Through the menu "start" enter the program used to control the camera. It is usually included in the software any laptop in which inbuilt camera.
If no such program, then use the CD, which is supplied with the laptop.
If this the camera program will work fine, it is configured correctly, and problems with it should not be.
Often on the laptop keyboard there is a button with which you can turn on the camera, so carefully consider the keyboard. Usually the assignment of the function keys shows their icon.
If key was not found, check the documentation that came with the laptop. This documentation is on the CD in electronic form. You can also read the information on the website of the manufacturer.
Update the camera drivers located on the CD-ROM. If you need a newer version, you can use the manufacturer's website.
Maybe the camera is just disabled in the BIOS. Start the system and enter the BIOS, find the settings of the camera (usually the Cam) and change the value from Disabled to Enabled. Now restart the system, the camera should turn on. If after the above actions the camera and managed to include, it is likely the case in the camera itself, it is faulty. In this case, you should contact the service center, it is likely that the camera you just need to be replaced.