You will need
  • - Internet
Start with the most simple steps. Press and hold the keys Fn and F2. After that, open "My computer" and locate the icon for the webcam.
If you are not able to turn on the camera, restart the computer. During system boot, press F9 and see whether the webcam in the BIOS. If not, it is necessary to correct the situation, to the built-in camera is loaded with the system.
If the reset and initialization of the camera in the BIOS did not help, open Windows device Manager. To do this, click the right mouse button on the icon "My computer", then "Manage" and "device Manager". Click the "+" icon next to the line entitled "Device for image processing". In the opened list find the USB video device. Standing in front of the item cross indicates that the webcam is not connected. Right click on the line and in the opened context menu click on "Enable".
Find the camera icon on the desktop of the laptop or in the "My computer". If the shortcuts are still missing, install "native" drivers, specifically designed by the manufacturer for the webcam for your specific model of laptop Hewlett-Packard. It may happen that drivers who have installed Windows operating system in unattended mode, do not fit or work correctly.
Protectrice the camera by using the preloaded manufacturer notebook Hewlett-Packard HP MediaSmart. Initialize the camera may not happen immediately, you may need to reboot the computer.