Web camera allows you to chat to users of computers with special software not only voice and text mode, but also through the "Videophone". With high-speed channels, users will see each other on their computer screens in real time. The most popular program for Videophone, and it is absolutely free called Skype. Sometimes she sends a signal from the camera, voicing the error that the device is disabled. Turn on the webcam in the following manner.
Go to "start" or "My computer" and select "control Panel". In the display of the icons in the control panel, select "Small icons" (for Windows Vista / 7). The screen displays various shortcuts to control the computer. Locate the shortcut "device Manager" and start it by double-clicking the left mouse button.
You will see the system "device Manager". It displays in a tree format, all installed in a computer device, including circuit boards and peripherals. All devices are grouped by purpose purposes and perform certain functions. Look in the "imaging Devices". This item is usually in the end.
If your computer is not connected any cameras or mobile phone in the imaging devices if you double click you will see the web camera icon in the down arrow on the label. Double-click on the icon of a web camera to go into the properties and management of the device. In the home tab, in the "Properties" dialog box, select the "Enable" button. In the pop-up window to confirm the activation of the web camera click "Next" then "OK". After a few seconds the webcam will be turned on.