Install on your PC drivers for web cameras disk (it is usually applied by manufacturer to the camera). If the disc is missing, it is possible to find and download the drivers on the Internet, it will find out the exact name of the camera.
Plug into any USB port on the Webcams, it must be recognized by the operating system. If you are prompted to restart the computer, do so.If you did everything correctly, the name of your camera will appear under "imaging devices" in device Manager.
To start using web camerasOh, install the software for Webcamsyou. This can either be the program manufacturer's web Camss, or a third-party program developers. For example, you can use a free program: Windows Movie Maker, VirtualDub, Altarsoft Video Capture. For communication you need to install the program Internet telephony (Skype, Mail.Ru Agent or the like).
Attach the camera to the monitor. Check out her work. For example, the menu of Skype, go to "tools-options-video settings". If you see yourself, means everything is in order.