You will need
  • - Computer with Windows 7;
  • - web camera.
Included with any model of a webcam should be a disk with additional software. On this CD are the drivers for the webcam. Connect the device to computer and install driver. Also on the driver disk there is a program with which you can manage already connected to the computer webcam. After install the driver, install this program. After that, restart your computer.
Once the driver and the program will be installed, on the taskbar of the operating system icon will appear in the program. Click on this icon right-click and from the context menu, click "Add" (depending on the program controlling the camera can also be the options "Run" or others). Now the web camera is enabled and ready to work.
There are cases that after installing the program for web camera this app does not start automatically. Then on the taskbar of the operating system of the icon with which you can run the program, will not. In this case, you can run the program or through the "start" or via the shortcut on the desktop. After start menu, select "Enable" or similar.
Also, the situation may arise where a web camera was bought long ago and drivers, and appropriate programs for the Windows 7 operating system is not included. If you know the model of your webcam, then the best solution is to download the driver and software to your device on the manufacturer's website. If you don't know the exact model of your webcam, get to know her will not be difficult. Simply connect the camera to the computer, once connected it will auto detect the connected device and the bottom near the task bar will appear the name of your webcam.