See instruction to your portable device, to know how to turn on camera on laptop. First find out the model of the computer, its name and technical features, including options and opportunities the web camera. If the documentation is not specified the model name of the laptop, please note on the reverse side, where usually there is a corresponding sticker.
Click with the right mouse button on the icon "My computer" and select "device Manager". Please note, on the contrary what components is a yellow question mark, denoting a lack of pre-installed system drivers – special services, providing recognition of the device by the computer and doing their work effectively. Click on it and select "Install driver". If the laptop has a boot disk, insert it into the drive and select the option "Automatic search of drivers". Computer to undertake a self-search service and will install them from the supplied disk. In the absence of media, select the option search for drivers on the Internet.
Locate the driver for the webcam of the laptop yourself. Try to find the website of the laptop manufacturer or the correct drivers for the device name. Currently, they often are available for download as an installation file that automatically downloads and installs the required services. If you have not achieved the desired result, use the free application DriverScanner available for download on the Internet. After installation, the program will automatically search for missing drivers and install them in order.
Browse through the list of currently installed programs in the start menu and find the application that allows you to turn on the webcam on the laptop. Run it and see if the screen image from the camera. If Yes, try to use the camera in different applications, such as Skype, making a video call. Make sure eye webcam above the laptop screen is clean and does not contain a protective sticker, as this often becomes the main reason for the lack of images.