You will need
  • access to the Internet.
To ensure the stable operation of a web camera you must have a specific program or drivers. This applies to both portable devices and embedded counterparts. If you are using a mobile PC Samsung, download the original set of drivers.
Turn the laptop on, connect to Internet and open the website Move the mouse cursor on the "Support" and select in the drop-down menu "Downloads".
Enter the model name of your mobile computer. To prevent problems enter the exact model, not just the first characters. Click "Find". After the transition to the next page open the submenu "Downloads" and select "Drivers".
Find the drivers for the correct device, using the column "Description". Specify the operating system for which it is intended the selected files. Click on the icon located in the column "File", and wait for the download drivers.
Now open device Manager. Click with the right mouse button on the name of the web-camera and select "Use". Repeat the procedure by selecting the "Update drivers".
Point to "Search files on this computer". Select the directory containing the downloaded archive drivers. After you complete the upgrade files press the right key to turn on the webcamera.
Install the program you will use to change the settings of the camera. This may be one of the popular messengers or any other suitable utility. Check the operation of the capture device image.
Run the configuration settings of the web camera. You usually need to adjust the brightness, contrast and focus of the image.