You will need
  • - web camera;
  • - CD drivers for the web camera;
  • - program for working with web cameras.
Using the built-in laptop camera, test it by going to menu operating system in My computer and run the icon under "Scanners and cameras", open the utility. It will interface through which you want to configure the camera work. The camera works like a mirror, you will see yourself in it.
If you have a separate camera, install the driver from it (usually drive with them attached with the camera in the original box) for the correct operation of USB video device.
Connect the camera after drivers are installed. Thanks to them, the system will detect the web camera, install and launch it by opening the utility interface. If not, click "start" in the taskbar, then "All programs" in the folder list, locate the name of your webcam. Typically, the root folder contains the Cam or Web.
Run the utility if it does not start automatically, double-clicking on its icon. There will be its interface, which is one of the Windows - a view of you from a webcam. Tilt or turn it to completely show your face.
Examine the camera. It happens that the button that controls the sharpness of the image are right on it. In this case, use these buttons to set the optimal view of the image.
If the settings button on the camera body there, go into the settings and adjust the necessary parameters, such as brightness, contrast, image colors, add an optional effects.
If settings directly in the tool is not, then adjust the webcam with any program for communication, such as Skype. Open the menu item associated with the video settings or video and voice. Go to "Calls" → "Video" → "video Settings" → "Configure webcam". Adjust the sliders to the desired settings. If you use an Agent from Mail.Ru then configure the webcam, go to "Voice and video" in the settings of the Agent.
To extend the capabilities of your camera and for additional effects use special programs downloaded from the Internet.