Turn the laptop on and wait for the start of the operating system installed on the device. Hold down the Fn key, which is located in the bottom row of keypad buttons to the left of the Windows key. This button is responsible for the use of the functions of the laptop and is used to turn on the camera.
While holding down Fn, press with a picture of a camera icon. It can be the top row of the keyboard, for example F5. Depending on the model of your laptop, this button may be labeled differently. If you can't find the key to activate the camera, use the instruction manual of your computer.
Some models of laptops and netbooks, like ASUS eeePC have a special switch for the camera, which is located right above her eye. This regulator has two positions: ON and OFF. If you want to enable the webcam, move the choke to the ON position. To turn off the valve to be set in OFF position.
In the composition of the pre-installed software laptops ASUS also has a utility Life Frame created to control the camera device. Often, the application automatically starts after turning on the camera.
If the program is not installed, make an installation disk that came together with the notebook or download utility on ASUS official website. After installation you'll see a corresponding shortcut on the desktop system. Life Frame allows you to take pictures and configure the settings of images obtained when photographing or displaying a live video through the lens.
If after buying the laptop you independently re-installed the operating system to use the webcam you need to install the drivers. Insert the driver disk into a drive device or download the appropriate software from the official ASUS website. After installing the drivers restart your laptop to apply any system changes.