You will need
  • Spreadsheet editor of Microsoft Office Excel.
If you need to calculate using the table editor the difference between the two numbers, click the cell in which you want to see the result and type an equal sign. If the cell content begins with this sign, Excel thinks that it placed any mathematical operation or formula. After the equals sign, without spaces, enter the number of the minuend, put a minus, and enter the subtrahend. Then press Enter, the cell displays the difference between the two entered numbers.
Slightly change the procedure in the first step, if the minuend or subtrahend the number should be taken from some other table cells. For example, in cell B5 is displayed is reduced by 55 number from cell D1, click B5, type an equal sign, click cell D1. After the equal sign will link to the specified cell. You can dial-out manually, without using the mouse. Then type a subtraction sign, the number 55 and press Enter - Excel will calculate and display the result.
For subtracting one cell from another use the same algorithm type the equal sign, type the address or click the cursor cell in reducing value. Then put a minus, type or click the cell with the subtrahend value and press Enter.
If you want to create a column of cells that contains the difference between the numbers of the other columns of each table row, start with the development of one such cell in the first row. Do it as described in the previous step of the algorithm. Then move the cursor to the lower right corner of the cell with the formula and subtracting the left mouse button drag it down to the last row of the table. Excel itself will change the references in the formulas for each row, when you release the left button.