You will need
  • The table editor Microsoft Office Excel
Start Microsoft Excel and type in an empty cell of the table an array of values positive number which needs to be folded. This can be done manually, but if it is possible to copy all the array data in text format, it will be much easier to insert it into the table, pre-slightly changing the format. If the number in the text containing the source values, separated by spaces, then perform with any text editor replace all spaces with tabs. After this operation, copy the text numbersand paste it into Excel - numbers will be placed in the cells of one row. If you replace the spaces with the signs of the end of the row, when you paste in spreadsheet editor numbers will line up in the column.
Enter the formula that performs the summation of the range of cells with pre-specified test conditions. To do this, select the table empty cell in which you would like to put the result of the calculation, and click the icon insert function - it is in the beginning of the formula bar above the table. This way you start the function wizard, which helps make up the formula online.
Open the drop-down Category list and select "Math". In the list of functions this section to find the one which is called SUMIF - click it and click "OK" to proceed to the next step.
Specify arguments that should be passed to this function. First in the field "Range" you have to specify the start and end cell of the entered data. The easiest way to do this by highlighting the entire cell range with the mouse - in this case, the wizard will enter the desired values in the appropriate field. Then under Criteria, specify the condition that the formula shall select sum values. For addition of positive numbers, set the criteria to >0 and press the tab key. The third field ("Diapazonului") leave blank.
Press "OK" and Excel will put in the cell the formula is designed to calculate the value in accordance with it.